Tips For Improving Your Bone Health

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The bones in our bodies are made of calcium. This is a very hard material that isn’t easily broken. It also is the substance that makes up our teeth. When we have a calcium deficiency or if we have issues with medications that may draw calcium from our bodies, we need to go and have a calcium score screening in Wayne done.

What is calcium?

It is a mineral that is stored in and used by our bodies. The main purpose of it is to help give structure and hardness to our bones. Calcium also plays an important role in proper heart rate, muscle contraction, and blood vessel constriction:

Our bodies store calcium mostly in the teeth and bone but it has other functions in the body as well. There are a few different organs that help to maintain proper calcium levels in our bodies:

Kidneys –   These nephrons filter waste products from blood and they also reabsorb needed materials like glucose (sugar) and amino acids (protein). The kidneys can also regulate bone absorption, secretion, and excretion.

Liver –  This organ helps to break down nutrients into smaller components, thus allowing them to be absorbed by the bloodstream. The liver also performs a detoxification process on the blood that includes breaking down hormones and medications in order for them to pass through urine or bile into fecal matter.

Pancreas –  The pancreas also plays a role in regulating calcium levels. This organ helps to break down food and sends the nutrients into the blood. The pancreas also produces hormones that regulate insulin, glucagon, and other substances.

What happens if you have too much or too little calcium?

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If you have a calcium deficiency, it will be harder for your bones to grow and increase in strength. This condition is known as osteoporosis that can cause extremely weak and fragile bones.